Albyn Leah Hall

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Albyn©Ivan Coleman

Having spent her childhood in New York, her adolescence in Los Angeles, and her adult years in London, (with long interludes in Ireland) Albyn Leah Hall thinks of her life as an “exuberant confusion” – a perpetual culture clash which inform all aspects of   her work.   Raised with parents in the film and television industry (Albyn's father created 80's Mega Soap “Dallas”) but having spent most of her life away from Hollywood, Albyn has always had a sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere. As for her influences, music and film feature as strongly as literature. “The last unfinished conversation I had, the last song that made me want to cry or dance, or the last time I wondered where a stranger went when they got off the bus – these things have as much of an impact as the last great book I read.”

Albyn is also fascinated by the extremes of human behavior. For both her work as a writer and a psychotherapist, she has researched and written about criminals, terrorists, stalkers, far-right or far-left groups, truck drivers, and the police.   Her recent novel, “Rhythm of the Road,” is the story of Josephine, a young truck-driver's daughter, who becomes obsessed with an American country singer and eventually following her to the Mojave Desert.   “Rhythm” integrates all of Albyn's preoccupations: culture clash and dislocation, madness, escapism and the tragedy of music.

Albyn's first novel, “Deliria,” was published in 1993 by Serpent's Tail. “The Rhythm of the Road” will be published by St. Martin's Press on January 9 th , 2007. Pre-order available from